The Sweet Spot Of Surrender

Family, Self

Let happiness take you on a journey.

Often when I bring up the notion of "surrendering" in my sessions with clients, the idea is met with a sense of resistance or annoyance, as if I was suggesting giving up. However, the kind of surrendering I am talking about is the kind that allows us to flow with life rather than resist it.

For example, if you start to feel like you are swimming against the currents of yourself or your life there is a good chance that you might be judging or resisting what is showing up rather than accepting it and yielding to it. That doesn't mean that we have to like what we have to deal with, but consider the notion that being with it rather than against it might at least make the journey or choices we have to make easier. We have been taught that being in control is a good thing, and sometimes it is, but not all the time. There is also a difference between having a sense of control (actually, I prefer the word, mastery) and living in fear. The wish to control, in fact, sometimes masks an underlying terror or fear that somehow there is something terribly wrong with us or how our life is unfolding.  

There is something about the warm weather and the visual beauty of summer that allows my mind to let go and my body and heart to take over the reins. Life feels easier, more enjoyable and going with the flow becomes effortless with little agenda to try and change or fix the way things are. So how are you at surrendering? Where in your life could you let go more, surrender to life's mystery and start trusting that life, just maybe, is always on your side.

Happy summer, everyone.  — Vivianne