"Love is the bridge between you and everything" Rumi


Love is all around us, if we allow yourselves to see it.

When I first started as a therapist about 12 years ago, I remember sitting in front of my first few clients thinking that I had the best job in the world because I felt my main role was to help people open up to love.  A love coach, how cool was that!  My greatest wish was to help people remove whatever blocks there were to loving themselves or loving others.  After working with hundreds of clients I realised that this love business was not as simple as it looked.  Sometimes it felt, it was just the opposite, and that people seemed hell bent on not living, on rejecting themselves and others.  However, still I persisted.  What I realised is that it is not so much "people" that are unloving that moreover many are unaware of the love that they truly are.  They (and I include myself in this) often believe the illusion of their minds rather than their hearts.  Minds that sometimes seem to be programmed in attack and retreat mode, rather than the easier more joyful path of love and engagement, the path of the heart.

10 years later after taking more trainings, more certifications, being part of tons of online groups, summits etc....I have come back to that same simple realization....that there really is only love.  When we love ourselves enough, we make the right choices, we lose that weight, we find ways to better our lives, we enjoy ourselves more.  When we love others, we seek ways to communicate better, love more, enjoy ourselves more.  When we send love to our "problems" these problems start to resolve themselves.

Sometimes I laugh and wonder if I really needed to go through all my clinical training, spending so much money along the way to come to these simple realizations, but the universe operates in weird and wonderful ways.  The gift has been that in fully understanding what doesn't work, I can then embrace what does.  I believe that there are many people who show up as love day after day, refusing to buy into the tyranny of the mind, following their hears with grace and ease. Being open hearted, I believe is our natural state.  However, it seems that we develop patterns in our relationships, sometmes very early on, which only serve to block love.  To see where we might be withholding love both from ourselves and from others is a wonderful gift.  To set an intention to find love, be love, embrace love, maybe the best choice we ever make.  To surrender to the love that is all around us, that is what I call bliss.

So this month, I invite you to drop the mask just a little, drop the protection a bit, love yourselves a drop more, give your friend that hug, make you child happy, offer your lover your caress no matter that they forgot to do the washing up again!!  We only get to love this life once....make it a great love.