Why That Special Guy Isn't Calling


You may be stopping him from picking up the phone...

Even if we send a text we hope will be perceived as a casual "hi," it won’t disguise our neediness or desperation. It will be "felt" by the receiver for what it really is.

There’s no hiding what's going on with you even if he gets in touch. If you’ve been desperately waiting for him, no matter how you pretend you haven't, he’ll know it.

There is only one remedy; you have to change your energy by distracting your thoughts away from him. As hard as this might be, you must let go of the phone and turn it off for a good, long period of time. If you can’t do this on our own, put yourself in an environment where you have to—go to a movie or swim laps at the gym.

As your mind gets distracted by other things, the energy between you will start to shift. He'll sense your new state of mind and be more inclined to reach out to you. 

When you've learned to stop waiting for his call you'll have a new healthy dating pattern. It will keep your energetic connection clear of your negative emotions and increase the chance of that text, email or phone call coming in that much faster.