Is Sex Necessary For Spiritual Expression?

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The sexual urge has been slandered & misrepresented to the point where it is grossly misunderstood.

No controversy in religion is more laden with raw emotion than the argument as to whether sexual activity is, or is not, a necessary ingredient to spiritual expression. Down through the ages, as this sometimes-bitter dispute has raged, some of the most ruthless crimes have been and are still being committed by sex-negative patriarchal religious authorities. Love Advice From A Rabbi

The early "pious" church leaders established their own perverted sexual agenda. First, they demonized the sexual urge along with orgasm, sexual pleasure and even the naked human body. Then, they attempted to manipulate and control their followers by introducing the concept of "sin" as it relates to sexual pleasure. Of course, that ultimately led to guilt. Needless to say, their actions were always said to be at the request of God himself, to demean and destroy, as if it were possible, every last vestige of the normal human sexual drive. And so, the sexual urge has been slandered and misrepresented to the point where it is still grossly misunderstood. Is Religion Hurting Your Sex Life?

The concept of the sexual drive as being part of our base nature—primitive and undignified, perhaps even less than human, something to be shunned, repudiated and rejected as a curse on man's spiritual aspirations—is a reoccurring theme inextricably woven through virtually all the world's religious dogma since time immemorial. Again and again, sexual indulgence has been condemned as inextricably evil, except for the purpose of procreation, where presumably it could not be avoided if our species would survive.

Anti-sex religious fanatics have always extolled celibacy—the ultimate denial of the need for sexual expression between a man and a woman—as the crowning achievement of man's ability to gain control over the sexual force. Is it any wonder that the neuroses growing out of this renunciation of the primordial (sexual) energy from which we all sprang, the animating current of life from which all creation arises—the "spark of life" itself—has produced a psychotic society that has never known anything but hypocrisy, disease, violence, repression and suffering for as long as man can remember? 4 Reasons To Embrace Celibacy (That Don't Involve God)

Sexuality has become burdened with so many judgments, fears and negative emotions that hardly any aspect of it is spontaneous and self-evident anymore. Too often, this results in mixed messages and conflicts. The childlike aspect of sexuality, the aspect of the freely exploring innocent child has been lost, and many of us are filled with fear and tension when it comes to sexually expressing ourselves.

One thing is certain; the physical body is absolutely innocent. Your body knows lust and sexual desire because this is something that is spontaneously present within every healthy body. Lust represents the universal life-force in your body. Though it has been given a bad name, and goes against our cultural conditioning, it says here that lust is actually a very positive sign. Lust, desire and all the physical processes that make you long for sexual union are natural and healthy processes that can be a source of great satisfaction and enjoyment. Top 5 Aphrodisiacs To Ignite Lust In Your Man!

In any event, the body cannot itself choose in what way it is going to express its sexual urges. It is you, the adult human being, who is in charge. The body defers to your leadership and authority. May you be masterful in your decision making.

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