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Career Coach, Confidence Coach, Divorce Coach, Leadership Coach, Personal Development Coach

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When you fall in love with yourself, you unleash the woman inside that’s been dying to come out and play.

About Vicky Cook

Are you a high achieving, professional woman that feels stuck in your life?

You graduated from college with big dreams, and you set out to achieve them.  You’ve worked hard over the past 10+ years to ‘make it.’  To your credit, you’ve done just that...you’ve hit your goals and become who you wanted to be.

The problem is that was the woman you envisioned when you were 22.  Now, as you sail into a different stage of life, that woman doesn’t seem to fit anymore. You’re bored, restless, frustrated, confused, and scared.

You crave more: more purpose, more fulfillment, more adventure, and more connection.

I completely understand everything you feel because I’ve been there!  I know that feeling of having everything I imagined, yet it not being enough (and the guilt that goes along with that!).  

You are not alone…

While we don’t like to think about it or talk about it:  women go through a midlife crisis just like men.  Only, unlike men, we aren’t trying to recapture our youth.  We want to discover who we’ve become.  We want to figure out how to feel more fulfilled.  We want to go on adventures.  We want more meaningful connections.  

We crave more from our lives outside the corporate walls.

Women are not in crisis mode!  I call this phase of life (which we all go through)...a Midlife Awakening.

It’s scary to feel like the life we’ve been living is the wrong life, but I promise, if done right, these years will become the most defining years of your life.

I help women just like you transition through these years.  I help you find your purpose, kick off a passion project, deepen your connections (with yourself and others), and maybe even sprinkle in some adventure along the way.

Are you ready to awaken to the woman you are craving to be?

Vicky Cook Success Stories

Overcoming Fears & Believing In Herself

"She came to my life at a time when I really didn’t know where I was going. I had just taken a big step away from the path I was "supposed“ to be on and struggled to find my way. While I had hopes and dreams, I didn’t believe in either them or in myself. I was full of self-doubt and fear. And then Vicky stepped in and our calls completely changed my life and the way I look at things. More importantly, it changed the way I look at myself. Through all the ups and downs, Vicky was there for me. There were weeks I was so looking forward to meet up that I couldn’t help myself but count the hours until it was time for our call. Because of our work I now feel confident in my own abilities, I learned to step up to my fears and I never felt as happy and comfortable in my own skin as I do now." ~ Ronja  |  Germany

Finding Passion, Setting Goals and Making It Happen

"I was going through a huge transition stage in my life; the advice friends had given me was to find my passion and work with that. The problem was I had no clue what my passion was! Everything had changed for me, I spent most of my life focusing on and helping others and taking care of me just got lost in the shuffle. Vicky is a delight to work with, she is very caring and easy to speak with. Her questions and comments are insightful, helping me to sort through and identify what my passion was, to set the goal and learn how to break it down into manageable steps. Vicky has a very kind and approachable way about her and it was a joy to work with her." ~ Patty  |  Georgia

Removing Blocks Little By Little

"Working with Vicky has been a true pleasure. I’m starting my business and Vicky has helped me unblock barriers that have been holding me back. She quickly pinpoints the core of a situation and does not fail to leave me with helpful understanding or a question to consider. I find that in every session I get an AHA moment that I never thought about. In the few months that we have worked together I’m finding that my blocks are, little by little, going away. I’m so grateful to be working with Vicky. For anyone that is considering a life coach, I highly recommend Vicky. She has truly found her gift in helping people find their way to a better life!" ~ Judy  |  Connecticut

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