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I Believe

I believe that therapy can help you to live a more fulfilling, joyful life. My therapeutic style is warm, collaborative, and thoughtful. My office is a safe environment where together we can find ways to reach your goals. Call (650) 351-1305 for a free telephone consultation.

Change is a natural part of life. With change, often comes stress. You can even get stressed when you finally get something you want-- adjusting to a new relationship or school can be difficult. I teach skills to manage everyday stress so that you can meet challenges with confidence.

About Vickie Chang

I am an integrative therapist and have received extensive training in cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic approaches to treatment. Cognitive behavioral therapy works on identifying critical thoughts about yourself that can interfere with how you feel and behave. In therapy we can practice ways to challenge these thoughts and to develop more supportive ways of relating to yourself. The behavioral aspect of this treatment focuses on changing behaviors to improve well-being, for instance through taking care of your body or learning to be assertive. Psychodyamic therapy helps to identify the contribution of family relationships to patterns of behavior, increase emotional awareness, and improve your sense of freedom and choice in life.

I also use positive psychology approaches in my work-- not just reducing sadness or worry, but enhancing happiness, appreciation, and meaning. Turning your attention towards the sources of goodness in your life can be a powerful tool. Mindfulness, or living in the present, can be used as a meditation practice or in daily life to see the full complexity of a situation and to reduce stress. I tailor my treatment to each individual and with research in mind.

Therapy can help you to…

➢ Increase your confidence
➢ Improve your day-to-day life
➢ Decrease feelings of sadness and worry
➢ Recognize your strengths
➢ Improve your relationships
➢ Manage difficult decisions or transitions
➢ Break out of old habits

Using mindfulness and other modalities, I can help you to learn about yourself, leave behind ineffective behaviors, and to cultivate a grounded sense of well-being. I specialize in improving communication, or speaking assertively and compassionately at work and home. I love being a therapist and believe that the more I grow, the more I can help you to capitalize on your strengths and fulfill your potential.