Parents! Why You NEED To Properly Prepare Your Growing Boys

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Boys and men are in big trouble! Find out what you can do for the boys and men you love!

My friend Dr. Phil Zimbardo says, we are experiencing a "demise of guys." In his TED Talk by the same name, he tells us that boys are 30% more likely to drop out of school than girls are. They are also less likely to obtain a college degree.

Boys comprise two thirds of the special education students, and they are diagnosed with ADHD five times as often as girls. And tragically, the male suicide rate is about 4 times greater than in women.

As if that wasn’t enough, males are now increasingly becoming addicted to online video gaming and pornography. They are literally disappearing into a virtual reality. Why are boys and men doing so poorly?

The news about today’s boys and men is deeply troubling and explanations vary. But there is hope. As a former escort and current relationship coach I have a lot to share about men...and about parenting boys.

Find out more as Elisa Parker of See Jane Do interviews me in this unique exploration of the gender divide.

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This article was originally published at http://theshamefreezone.com/2015/parenting-boys-and-understanding-men/. Reprinted with permission from the author.