So you want to stretch and grow.  So you want to reach your goals.  So you want to feel the exhileration of  flying, soaring, feet off the ground. 

Does this sound like you falling in love?  Ah, yes, we yearn for this feeling as human beings.  But many of us can't BELIEVE enough in ourselves to want to leave the ground. 

It might be painful or hard or end in ruin, but often the risk is worth it.  Funny thing is most of us have to fall from a few feet off the ground a few times before we "get it". 

  1. All of our lives, on our way here we tend to look at our failures.  But now think about what you've learned along the way:
  • what is good for us and what is not
  • what works for us and what doesn't
  • how we choose a partner or how we keep choicing the same partner
  • things that cause us guilty things that festure into shame
  • moments that make us soar and moments we hit the ground
  • who supports us and who doesn't know how to give support
  • what we have learned about ourselves and about others.

 I have a challenge for you. Go to www.SuQuMinscan.com and take the quick Mindscan.  It costs nothing and tell you a lot.  It's not a personality test by rather a qujick exercise to analysis the way you think.  You can also go to www.coachingwithwit.com and meet Lynne Burrent.  She will offer a 30 mimute phone conference for free after you submit and receive your MindScan print out by email.  Please contact me if there is a problem with the links. vanessa@vanessaream.com