Hinge for your 20's Tinder for your 30's


Why I recommend these dating apps for specific age groups

When I first heard about Tinder, I was skeptical. I was not sure if the concept was too superficial for my clients, who tend to focus on finding longterm relationships. I began to experiment with my friends to determine whether Tinder users were serious daters or simply people seeking random hookups. Over the past two months, I have determined the answer: it depends on your age.

For anyone unfamiliar with Tinder, it is an application that allows you to find romantic partners within a certain radius of where you are, using GPS. Tinder allows you to swipe through potential matches and say “yes” or “no” based on their photos. If you and your potential both say “yes”, then you are put in contact via chat. Hinge is similar to Tinder but the main difference is that it only connects you with potential matches that have mutual connections on Facebook. These two apps are both useful, but I recommend each one for a different age group.

Tinder is a more anonymous app because it connects you with random people in your geographical radius, regardless of whether you have any friends in common. This can be a problem for daters in their 20’s because younger daters tend to have a laissez faire approach to relationships. Tinder attracts users who are looking for “no strings attached” connections. In order to avoid those users, I recommend that people in their 20’s choose Hinge because its users tend to feel more accountable. Once you have at least one friend in common with your potential date, the anonymity of the experience is minimized. This will increase your chances of finding a person in their 20’s who is looking for a more serious commitment.

Unsurprisingly, as people get into their 30’s, they become more accountable and serious about their relationships and personal lives. This is why Tinder tends to work wonders for people in their 30’s. The pool of people on Tinder in their 30’s who are looking for random hookups is much smaller, so you are less likely to come across noncommittal party animals.

You may be wondering why I prefer Tinder vs. Hinge for people in their 30’s. The reason is that people tend to be coupled up by their mid-30’s and that means that the Hinge community in their 30’s is not large enough. Finding a longterm partner is all about meeting as many people as possible, so Tinder is the best option for people in their 30’s and Hinge is better for anyone in their 20’s.

Ultimately, the reason why I’m such a huge supporter of Tinder and Hinge is that they allow you to cut to the chase. There is no point in building virtual relationships via chat on match.com when you can just meet your Tinder or Hinge date for an in-person chat.

Remember, this is a numbers game, so download the app, swipe through the options, and meet as many contenders as possible!

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