The 4 Personality Types: Are You Compatible With Your Partner?

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Which personality compliments you best?

Helen Fisher is a world-renowned anthropologist with 30 years of experience studying interpersonal relationships. She has identified four personality types and how they relate romantically. It is important to self-examine when you are looking for love, so I will outline the four types of personalities and encourage you to take the online test hereIf you are in a committed relationship, you may also want to take the test and have your partner do the same. This mutual understanding will undoubtedly improve your relationship quality.

Helen Fisher’s discovery is based on hormonal differences, which she says characterize personalities. The four types are: Builder, Explorer, Director, and Negotiator. The Builder is characterized by seratonin, the Explorer is ruled by dopamine, the Director is dominated by testosterone and the Negotiator is more estrogen-based.

  1. The Builder: The Builder type is  a "cautious/social norm compliant," as Helen Fisher puts it. Builder types tend to be attracted to one another and they focus on keeping order, following rules and adhering to social norms.
  2. The Explorer: The Explorer is the creative/energetic type. Explorers tend to seek novelty, experience and adventure. They are known to be energetic, creative and enthusiastic. Explorers are also attracted to each other and most compatible with their own type.
  3. The Director: Director's are known to be tough minded/analytic types. They are characterized by self-confidence and assertiveness. Directors tend to be very good at fixing things and understanding mechanical issues.
  4. The Negotiator: Negotiator's  are known as the prosocial/empathetic type. These people tend to view life holistically and they are generous and nurturing.

Helen Fisher makes interesting conclusions about relationship compatibility: although Builders and Explorers are attracted to their own types, Directors and Negotiators complement each other well. When you take the test, you will see that your results will include a "dominant" and "secondary" description.

Your personality is a combination of the two, so you can use this information to determine your optimal match. As the Ancient Greek proverb says: "Know thyself" — so, take the test and figure out who you belong with!

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