Why You Should Skip Online Dating And Go Out Instead

Why You Should Skip Online Dating And Go Out Instead

You should go online…to find events where you can meet another single who is ready to mingle.

People always ask me what the key is to meeting a boyfriend or girlfriend. The answer is simple: the more people you meet, the more likely you are to find the right match for you.

The next question people tend to ask me is, "how do I go about it?" and, again, my answer is simple: go online and sign up for as many in-person events as possible. The internet is changing the way we socialize; people spend more time on social networking sites than at in-person networking events. Rather than attending events where all your same coupled up friends will be, I encourage you to go online and find events that will be frequented by new people. I know it sounds intimidating, but it works!

The younger generation, ages 21-35, is starting to adopt online dating, as the stigma has been erased. People are using tinder, okcupid and plenty of fish. The issue is that people spend too much time on the online aspect of these platforms, rather than meeting in person as soon as possible.

Northwestern University conducted a scientific research study on online dating and what yields the most success in terms of online interactions. One of the most important findings is that the sooner you meet a potential suitor in person, the more likely you are to continue dating. This essentially shows us that there is very little value in fostering an online relationship via messaging or email.

I am writing this current post to encourage you to attend as many in-person events as possible during the holiday season. This is the perfect time to dress up, meet up with friends and attend festive parties to meet new people. With valentine’s day approaching in a little over a month, this is a great time to meet a significant other. I have a friend who works at match.com and he told me that January is the busiest time of year in the online dating space. Why do you think that is? It’s the month leading up to February 14th.

So, go grab your friends or family, put on your fancy shoes and celebrate your newfound knowledge: finding love is a numbers game — so get out there and meet your special somebody! 

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