You Said "I Do", Now "You Don't"

You Said "I Do", Now "You Don't"
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Not too long ago I was in a place where I had to make a very tough decision. I was unhappily married. Not a good place to be in. I had a distant memory of the day I was engaged, happy & excited to stay married forever.

What happened? Well for starters, I didn't know who I was so the person that I married was not the best person for me once I discovered myself.

I hate to say it but, I take 100% responsibility. I married the wrong person. If I knew who I really was I probably would not have walked down the aisle. It was one of the biggest decisons I ever made but I had to choose what was best for me.

If you find yourself in a relationship & things are starting to go south. First things first, talk about it with your partner. Get everything out in the open & look for solutions. Consider re-igniting the fire if need be. Choose to make it work. Put forth the effort to truly work it out. At this time if you're not excited to celebrate your next anniversary-go for a separation.

I'm not going to tell you to leave your marriage. I love the union when 2 people are in a loving relationship that supports both partners. You have to make that decision yourself. What I will tell you is. You deserve peace & happiness. You can't live a life lying to yourself. One of the things I discovered while going through my divorce. A lot of women were unhappily married but refused to leave because they were concerned about what other people would think, they didn't want to break up the home or simply for the dollar bill.

The bliss in your marriage should not be based on material matters. As painful as it was, going through a divorce. I developed a much deeper relationship with myself. I fell in love with me & married my life.

So, answer this question. Are you in love with yourself? If you're not it could be the very reason you're not experiencing a more meaningful relationship. If you aren't in love with yourself, why would you expect someone else to give you the type of love you desire.

So repeat after me “I Love Who I Am”. When you genuinely love who you are. You will attract much better love. So if you're in a relationship practice loving yourself more. Perhaps it could be the reason you've fallen out of love. No one can fill your love tank like you. The more you say "I Do" to you. You might now want to say "I Don't" to your mate.

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