Strut Your Stuff, You'll Get More Attention!!

Strut Your Stuff, You'll Get More Attention!!
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On your mark, put your shoes on, let's go... There are few things more beautiful on a woman than confidence. Women who wear it radiate strength, passion and conviction. It contributes more to a look than an Haute Couture gown or a VVSI diamond. When a woman knows who she is, why she is and what she’s supposed to do, she is truly unstoppable.

Like handbags and makeup, stilettos are the candy of our wardrobes. If you wish to evoke more confidence you might want to try on a few pair of mile-high shoes. For starters, they make your legs look good and they make you feel sexy and on top of the world.

To me, there is nothing more gratifying than buying a pair of strappy stilettos that fit right. Did you know they make you look 3 years younger? If  you're 25 you might not care but if you're 32 you might like the idea of that.

When you’re wearing stiletto’s you will feel more confident, sexier & more beautiful. Amazing what a pair of heels will do.

It’s time to “Get Heeled”!

Are you making a grand entrance in your life? What do your posture, and the way you present yourself declare to those who see you? When you walk into a room, do people take notice? Are you leaving self-consciousness at home so you can be graceful & comfortable in your own skin?

I feel it’s important to invoke that level of confidence no matter if you’re wearing ballerinas, sneakers or 5 inch Espadrilles. When you adopt a “Stiletto Strategy” you will develop resilience. You will be able to conquer the world with sass & class.

You will stand tall & step over obstacles. Your beautiful feminine essence will emerge no matter how high your shoes are. If your confidence is set on low right now. Imagine how great you felt the last time you walked in a pair of sexy shoes & mirror that feeling.

Chin up, shoulders back, tummy tucked. Now breathe in… And smile. Picture yourself walking down the catwalk like a supermodel for a boost of confidence. That’s who you are, after all. A super woman that other’s wish to model. “Stiletto Strategy” is about you showing up strong all the time. It’s about you committing to your personal excellence 100%.

The world is not hungry for mediocrity. We really don't need a bunch of 3s and 4s sashaying around, striving for the status quo. This world needs 10s. I believe everyone can be a 10 at something, but our problem is we often work so hard on trying to squash our weaknesses that we never develop our strengths.

It’s time to step up & “strut your stuff” in life. Again use your shoes as a tool to increase your confidence. A confident woman is not afraid to be herself. She finds her true beauty & flaunts it every day of the week no matter what. The key is: she knows who she is. She understands her purpose, and her gifts. She knows that there are certain things only she can contribute to this world, at this time, in this place. It’s time to define your signature style.


It doesn’t matter whether you prefer leopard print and skinny jeans, or khaki pants & cardigans. Whether you enjoy “High Tea” or playing tennis. Shopping or the theater. Or all of the above. What is most important is to be you & step into your true feminine power. That means stretching and stepping out. If you’re supposed to be on the front lines, be there.

Don’t step back. If you are blessed with supportive skills, be the best supporter you can ever be. Continue to expand your skills so you are consistently evolving. Brains & Beauty go hand in hand! Sexy Perfected. If you want to have style and substance, don't be afraid to add stilettos to your collection. Find a height that works for you. You can have chic style without going sky high but your confidence should soar & never run flat.

Are you ready to conquer the world with Sass & Class. Strut on over to