Sometimes You Should Keep Your Mouth Shut & Sit Pretty


Ladies being loud & voice-tress is not always cute. Bite your tongue!

No matter if it’s the first date or you’re in a loving committed relationship. Communication will either take you to the second date or keep you out of divorce court. Statistics show that most married couples report a lack of communication as one of the biggest problems in their relationship.

There are many different styles of communication and you should use each one at the appropriate time. For example there are times when less in more. Men love when you sit pretty & listen. A woman that can engage in the conversation at the appropriate time is very sexy.

Being a wallflower and not saying anything at all can give off the wrong impression. He may think you’re mad, you’re not enjoying yourself or “She’s just not that into me”. The key to making the transition from wallflower to social butterfly is to go into the date or the relationship with the right mindset & develop healthy social skills.

She talks too much. If a guy is using those words to describe you it might be time to ease up a little. A sure fire way to turn a man off; cut him off or don’t let him get a word in. You might just find yourself talking to yourself.


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