Love, Sexy & Money


Are you looking for love & sex but there's a price tag on your heart?

I love Jennifer Lopez's song “My love don't cost a thing…” If you’re fiercely independent it might be your theme song. If you’re not, it’s probably another great song with lyrics that you whole hardheartedly disagree with.

Do you have a preference Rich Sex, Middle Class Sex or Below Middle Class sex? Do you even care? How many times has it crossed your mind? When you go out on a date do you have an avid interest in your guy’s financial history?

We’ve all been swept off our feet by success. He’s powerful & has pretty profits. A match made in heaven if high net-worth dating is on your to do list?

When you have dollar signs in your eye you may not get to experience true love. I guess what bothers me is if we focus on the dollar bills we might just lose out on true love in the end. Relationships should be about love, respect, and commitment. Isn’t that worth something?

Before you get in a tizzy, I am not saying you can’t date a successful guy? Absolutely not but only you know your true intentions. When you’re initially dating it’s about who they’re “being” not what they “have”. Quality time has nothing to do with the money spent and the sooner you put that on your “To Do List” the better success you will have when you date, if you should so desire a true partnership.

If you are lead by the bank account, rather than compatibility or love you may not be happy in the long run. I’ve heard enough stories about women that married Mr. Successful & they cry themselves to sleep every night (not a cliché, its’ real). Ladies let’s take a stance to attract mates who will make us happy not just because they have money but because they make us happy in a variety of ways.

If you are in doubt, test it out and go for something nice yet inexpensive. A walk on the beach (I live on the beach couldn’t resist that one), a drive along the coast, movie & popcorn on premiere night, or a shabby chic café for lunch.

I love to be wined and dined but I do think there’s a time and place for everything including 5 star dating. Don’t make a guy feel like he’s a “cash machine” with unlimited credit limit! It won’t last and you might miss out on a quality guy in the long run.

Guys today like their girls to be intelligent and independent. Any symptom that you are looking for a guy to take care of you because you can’t take care of yourself isn’t sexy and you will end up broke & heartbroken in the end.

It’s "not cute" to depend on a man so focus on bettering yourself so that you can take care of yourself for yourself. Your #1 priority should be being the best you, taking care of your mind, body & life. If you want him to be all that. You have to be all that too!


Love Yourself!

Value Yourself!

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