For The Love Of Being A Glamour Girl


Live the life of your dreams with/without a man! Are you married to your life?

Are you looking to say "I Do"? I hope you're saying Yes to yourself first with all the glitz and glam life has to offer. There's nothing wrong if the word glamour is synonymous with your name. I think Sheila E. started it with her classic 1984 hit, The Glamorous Life.

What glamour girl doesn't love that song. It’s probably one of the reasons glamour is instilled in my brain. So what does it take to live a glamorous life? Well for starters I think it's important to create a glamorous life with/without a man. Take a cue from the lyrics “she’s got a lot on her mind, big thoughts & big dreams”.

What are you doing to create a big life for yourself right now? It's important to not sit around and wait for a man.  Take those big thoughts and big dreams and bring them to fruition. You should be focused like a bullet in flight to make your dreams come true. The bullet analogy might sound scary (20/20 once described Martha Stewart being focused like a bullet in flight, she definitely lives admidst the glamour) but when you’re not focused you live your life like a damsel in distress. How daunting is that?

I see so many women who are waiting for the man to show up so they can start living. Live exceptionally well now. Demand a high quality life for yourself  without compromise. You were designed to master life at every phase. You don’t have to compromise, settle for less, or believe you can’t have it all (especially if you're single).

What will pass "The Velvet Rope Test"? What you bring into your life should be worthy of a standing ovation. If it’s not it might be time to reassess your core values. Only the best of the best should past the red velvet rope test. Imagine more beauty, luxury & glamour in your life. It’s not as farfetched as you might think. It’s a lifestyle you create & it starts with making a decision as fast as Fergie says Flossy, Flossy in her 2007 hit Glamorous.

By the way if you're saying I’m not into the glitz & the glam. Oh please...The word glamorous is subjective. What’s glamorous to me may not be glamorous to you but we both have dreams of a certain lifestyle.  Aspire to live on a grand scale on your own terms. Imagine what kind of prince will show up when you're the best you can be and give yourself permission to go after everything you want. That’s glamorous!

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