Jet Setting Girls


You never know who you're sitting next to at 30,000 feet. Girl, just be prepared!

So you just printed your boarding pass & you're ready for your trip. Look in the mirror. Do you look presentable? What if I told you, you might meet that special some one at the airport. Crazy I know but it's actually the modern day pick up joint. Especially if you travel often you increase your chances of meeting someone. So, if you did bump into "Mr. Dreamy". Would you be kicking yourself because you weren't prepared. Your image was less than stellar. To be blunt you simply weren't sashaying down the runway at your best.

I have certain outfits picked out when I travel but you're probably not like me so I took the liberty of putting together some quick "To Dos" when you travel so if you happen to meet some one. He's not saying "I Don't Think So". Remember you want to blow his mind in a subtle & elegant way.

Here are 5 Ways To Put The Style Back In Your Travel!

1. Be Runway Ready, carry travel sizes of your favorite beauty products so you can primp on the plane. Eye cream, moisturizer & lip balm are always nice to have handy because the air on the plane can take a toll on your skin. And if you haven’t’ been getting any beauty sleep. You want to make sure your eyes are taken cared of to prevent dark circles & puffiness. I recommend an eye pillow. Yes it requires effort to maintain your appearance but it’s important that you sustain a fresh & revitalized look even at 30,000 feet!


2. Stillettos/Airports not a match made in heaven. I'm short so I have a 4 inch minimum but even when I travel I opt for wedges or open toe flip flops.The best footwear for flying will always be a chic pair of flats. Choose slip on shoes in the summer & boots that you can slip in and out of in the winter if you tend to get cold like I do. Leave the tennis shoes for the gym. Holding up the security line to untie them (not cute).

3. Chic, Comfortable & Cute should be your catch phrase when traveling. Your clothes should be comfortable, neat and clean . A pair of nice jeans with a button down shirt & color coordinated tops & bottoms that are cotton blend. If you should so desire to wear a track suit just make sure it doesn’t look like you just left the gym. Presenting a great image says a lot about your self-worth. There are plenty of wardrobe options to choose from that will provide comfort & put you on the “fashion do list”. Furthermore, you never know who you are going to sit next to. It could be for business or pleasure. You’ve heard the saying. You only get one chance to make a first impression. If you're traveling first class enough said!


4. Savvy & Sophisticated are two of my favorite words. The best accessory that will add style to your wardrobe is a scarf. I don't leave home without it (there's a reason AMEX says that). Always wear a long scarf or pashmina. It can double as a blanket or a pillow. How cool is that?


5. Head To Toe Travel, get your hair cut & styled before you travel so it's easier to manage. Here's a low maintenance hair-do..................Before you strut out the door, use a leave-in conditioner and pull your hair back into a loose, simple twist. Make sure to pin your bangs back, or opt to use a headband that's not too tight!

There you have it my hot & sexy travel tips!!!