Jan. 22: Not Just Another Day


To some, January 22 is just another day...but to others, it signifies a life-changing moment.

Barely anyone recognizes the significance of this day; It's January 22nd.  This is the anniversary of the passage of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court in 1973. I watch the news stories every year and there is hardly anything ever said about it. This is why it is my belief that voluntary pregnancy termination ("vpt") is now a household word in our culture. It is as normal and natural as apple pie was to the WWII era group.

There are many who silently notice the day, however. These are the women and even some men who remember in their hearts the event that just as silently occurred in their past. There is nothing to talk about, and more importantly, no one to talk about it with. Silently, the thought occurs to us about somewhere out there—a moment in time—and we were "there." The reality of the day crossed our path for a fleeting moment and then we "moved on". My Abortion, My Secret Heart Ache

For the women who never got a chance to grieve such an important decision and moment in their lives, I send out my greetings. It is OK to feel sad about your past "VPT." It is just as important of a day in your life as any other life-changing decision you have made. This is not a "bump in the road moment". Your abortion day has followed you through the years. You know the anniversary of it and you probably know the anniversary of your due date.

I am sorry that our culture disenfranchises your grief. We have permission to have the abortion, but no permission to grieve. I hope that this year would be the year that you could talk with someone about how you felt—on that day—and the sadness you feel now.  Depression: A Natural Outcome Of Abortion Secrets