Roe Vs. Wade 40 Years Ago


It is no secret that women still keep their abortions secret.

On January 22, 1973 the Supreme Court determined women would have a say as to whether or not they would carry their pregnancies.  The word abortion became a part of our culture.  The word “choice” became a whole cultural more`.

After four decades of choice, one wonders how far women have really come.  The battle still blazes in the political arena as to whether choice should be a legal right.  The emotionally-charged topic of abortion is one of the most polarized subjects in our nation.  The arguments continue and in the fro, the very women choice is supposed to help sit as a silent sisterhood keeping their “dirty little secret.”  Many times “the secret” follows them into their grave.

As a licensed marriage and family therapist in the State of Colorado, I will always remember the oldest client needing to work through her grief after abortion.  She was 96 years of age.  She was one that didn’t want to take her secret to the grave.  She was grateful to have a listening, non-judgmental woman to hear her story.

Women do not talk about their abortions.  The women who know most about abortion do not feel like they have a right to speak about their experiences.  Interestingly, women no longer have to go into secret places or even countries for abortion.  The hiding now is afterwards. 

The self-help book I wrote, C.P. R ~ Choice Processing and Resolution to help women process grief after abortion brings the message of “you are not alone,” over and over to its readers.  If you’ve made a choice decision somewhere in your past and you feel like you have never emotionally recovered and are even unsure on how to go about recovering, you are not alone.

Thousands of women are like you.  You have common thoughts and personal feelings.  Your choice impacted your life in similar ways. Keeping secrets keeps us sick.  It is now accident that you are being drawn to pursue this issue in your past.  There is help available.  You are not alone.