My Nurse Practitioner Helped Me with my Abortion Grief!

My Nurse Practitioner Helped Me with my Abortion Grief!

Ever wonder who is safe enough to share your abortion grief with? This woman found a safe person.

As an author of self-help books, you can really get some strange responses to your writings.  I'm sharing the email I received a few days ago and I still stand amazed at all the back door places women have to go these days to get resolution to their past choice decision.  It is so sad that we are not helping women more in this area.  Below is the summary comment I received:

"I've been searching for a therapist who could help me with the grief that has come upon me several years after my abortion.  I've been suffering for a few years now with this overwhelming depression and felt like an incredible sadness had come over me concerning the son I lost at six months because of a voluntary pregnancy termination.  I had no idea to talk to.  When I went to my Nurse Practioner for my annual physical, I finally confided in her.  It felt so good to share my deep dark secret!  She researched and found your book, "C.P.R. ~ Choice Processing and Resolution" online.  Thank you!  I am so grateful that my NP took the time to care about my deep sadness that I could not shake."

If you are struggling with a place to go with your grief after abortion, please know that many women are just like you, feeling like they have no where to go!  Rest Assured, you are NOT alone!  Many women struggle with sharing this secret and it is hard to know where to go with it.  It is so amazing when other women take the time to care about our grief after abortion.