Turn Your Goals Into Reality

setting goals
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Writing down your goals and reading them daily will help turn them into reality!

I've finally figured "it" out! I absolutely love it when the calendar turns over into a new year. Some people dread this time, but not me! I actually carve out some time during the whole week to re-think my life. Then I set my goals for the year. I have a simple form that I use where I divide my life into these components: emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, relationships and work. 

You can make your own categories, but these are the priorities that I personally look at as important for me. I then right down a goal for each category. For instance, for emotional, I am determined to have healthy emotions and not let them bowl me over in times of crisis. So this year, I put my goal for emotions as: detail crisis times and pull out the truth of the situation. What did I feel, how did I react? What was the truth about what just happened when I got thrown under the bus emotionally? When it comes to the physical category, it's always about losing weight. I struggle with this, but somehow putting my goal down keeps me on track. 10 Ways To Get That Hot Guy At The Gym To Notice You

Besides choosing the components of my priorities, I also put a column in for "Challenges"—why I wouldn't reach that goal—and "Positives"—what I have going in my favor. I use this opportunity to also put a scripture beside each goal. If you're so inclined to do this, I feel it really helps because I can then pray about each goal and feel a little more connected to Divine help in order to reach those goals.

A wise person once told me that goals are just wishes unless you write them down. For this reason, I take the fresh start of the year to write down my goals. I read over them every morning as a reminder. A quick 5 minutes is all it takes to remind me of my yearly goals. I start the day with them fresh in my mind.  Again, this is a system that has seen me through the accomplishment of many of my goals. It really works and I hope you try it, too! New Year, New Vision