Early Age Abortion? Growing Up Doesn't Mean Getting Over It

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While motherhood doesn't seem to be feasible for teenagers, choice decisions aren't pain-free.

The tears were flowing for this middle-aged woman with the perfect life. "I never realized how much pain and grief I was feeling over my abortion when I was 14 years old. I guess I just blocked things out and never looked back."

I am amazed at women in their late 40's, 50's and even sixties experiencing the need to re-visit a time in their life when things were care-free and pretty irresponsible. Having an abortion as a teenager seems to be pretty logical as far as considering the overwhelming task of being a single mom at such an early age. When contraception fails, it can be the best choice.

The impact of that decision can lay pretty dormant for many years. Eventually, however, I am seeing women really needing to process through their choice. While looking back and staying there is never good, sometimes life does require us to pause and take things out of the box.  

Unprocessed grief can come out in so many ways that we are not aware of. Depression or explosive anger, difficulty in future relationships that require connecting with the heart...these are all difficulties that creep out of grief never brought to a healing place.

We should never look at a past abortion with fear. It is the avoiding that is causing the fear. Working through the pain of it all is what brings us peace. I would encourage any former teenager who is now an adult to courageously pull apart their abortion decision in a place of safety. The peace available far out-weighs avoiding...there is always new insight and growth that can come from facing the hidden secret of abortion.