Abortion Aftercare: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

woman suffering alone
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With so much emphasis on the morality of abortion, we fail to address another important issue.

Women who have had abortions may not feel entitled to grieve the loss of their unborn children. After all, they rationalize, you shouldn't be permitted to grieve over a loss you have chosen to create. And so, putting the missing pieces together can be confusing and overwhelming for them.

Now, as a trained professional, I know grief is a necessary part of letting go and gaining closure. Our culture does women a great disservice by failing to allow them to grieve the loss of their aborted children. Even talking about abortion is considered taboo, but talking is precisely what allows the grief to be released and put to rest.

Unprocessed grief after abortion can cause a lot of emotional distress. For example, you could be angry or sad at the drop of a hat. Or, you could avoid news stories or babies or pregnant women like the plague. It is strange the way grief after abortion can bring a cloud of guilt and remorse over one's life ... but it's totally common, and should be discussed.

Professional therapy is the ideal setting for women to speak in confidence about the grief they may feel after their abortion. While many therapists do not really understand the pain of it all, our culture is increasingly understanding and accepting of the notion that abortion aftercare is a concept whose time has come.

An excellent resource is now available called Choice Processing and Resolution Therapy. If you are suffering from pain after abortion, you can grab a copy of this ebook and take it to your personal therapist. That way, in a private setting, the two of you can walk the journey together.

Remember: You are not alone! Don't sit in silence with your secret anymore. Breaking the secret in a place of safety will bring you inner-peace you haven't enjoyed in a long time.

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