39 Years of Abortion on January 22nd ~ Who Cares?


Now that the word abortion is a household word, it is hard to imagine some women struggle.

Abortion is such an accepted medical procedure in our culture, it is hard to imagine that any woman in America struggles with this issue.  Since the "a"-word has become a political debate, it is hard to view it as an issue that goes deep into the heart of many women in our nation.

Women sit in silence about the natural sadness they feel after an abortion.  There is a natural grief process that follows but we are not permitted to grieve, to speak or to even mention the sadness we feel. 

Many women struggle with the natural sadness they feel but are afraid to look at it or deal with it because the issue of grief after abortion is so disenfranchised.  This type of grief is similar to grief experienced by gay couples when they break up.  There are still broken hearts in these situations but it is often over-looked and not openly acknowledged by our culture.   Other grief of this type is when a person's ex-spouse dies.  People say such stupid things like, "you should be glad you're now rid of them." 

So, abortion grief is a disenfranchised type of grief.  It is not openly acknowledged by our culture.  There are no venues for a woman to cry about her pregnancy loss. The choice was hers and she should go on with her life.  Resolutely, she does just that, but not without some sad moments and days as she tries to process the grief surrounding the loss.