The Upside of Love Delays

The Upside of Love Delays

I've learned to fall in love with airline delays, mostly because I've had to. I travel a lot and based on the odds, I’ll be delayed 50% of the time. I can't do anything about it despite my best efforts of prayer, crossing my fingers and wishing upon the stars, but what I've recognized is that with the right attitude - a positive and accepting one - those delays usually turn out to be wonderful moments for me. So instead of getting frustrated by the delay, I now use the found time to get some work done, catch up on guilty pleasure mags, meet new people or if the delay is really long, venture into the city I’m delayed in.

If it feels like your love life is on delay, stop fighting it. Stop obsessively checking the departure screen wondering when it will takeoff. Stop chasing down other routes in desperation to get to love’s end… and just trust that love is in the air and it will takeoff when it is supposed to. After all, you certainly don’t want to jump aboard the wrong plane or a broken one just for the sake of flying, or worse yet take a crazy reroute that just wastes your time, right? And who knows, love may be right in front of you but perhaps you are too busy trying to catch a different flight. So for now, enjoy your delay... you never know how your eyes might be opened or who you might meet when you are pleasurably standing by.

Happy travels!

xx, Tristan