Turning Your Love Luck Around

Turning Your Love Luck Around

When it comes to love, outside of
arranged marriages, I don’t believe in luck. To believe in luck you have to
believe in the converse. I refuse to believe that Cupid either randomly,
karmically, maliciously or otherwise, chooses chosen ones, like a powertripping
bouncer at a NY club, to be blessed with the powers of love, leaving the
unchosen to sulk in misery as they unknowingly travel a winding path on a quest
to eternal loneliness. Nope, I won’t accept that. So while there may not be
such a thing as being unlucky in love (removing one more option from your list
of explanations offered up to the nagging coupled up population in rebuttal as to
why you are still single), there is such a thing as being unopen to love,
stupid about love or unavailable in love:

to love
. Arms crossed, bitchy
stare, head buried in a blackberry, women unopened to love hang an invisible,
albeit impossible not to feel, closed for business sign up. They quarantine
themselves from love by appearing unapproachable or by creating an isolative
lifestyle. To open up to love… FREE YOUR FEARS.

about love
. Women
who are stupid when it comes to matters of the heart make the same mistakes
over and over and wonder why. They are the ones who give the Dr. Philian advice
but never take it and wonder why. These are the women who pay therapists oodles
of cash to gain insight about their love lives, have the “aha” moments and then
don’t apply them, only to go back to their therapist and wonder… you guessed
it, why. To get smart about love… FREE YOUR SELF-LOVE.

in love
. Women unavailable in love have a steel
lock around their heart and a key to it will not be given away easily. Although
they may present themselves as looking for a good man, date regularly even,
they self-sabotage their love lives by repeatedly picking the same wrong type,
staying in obviously abusive situations or are present in the physical sense
only, refusing to truly open up. To become available in love… FREE YOUR HEART.

Instead of blaming the absence of love in
your life on a bad dice roll or a crappy fortune cookie, identify what is
really preventing you from getting it, so you can get through and beyond it.


 Live and love largely,