Making a Move on Love

Making a Move on Love

Being in L-O-V-E. There is nothing like it. That sugary sweet feeling that flutters all throughout your body, running through your heart and bursting into every vein, every muscle, every ounce of you. It is the feeling of grinning on the inside. It is exciting, thrilling, magical. For some it can be scary, unknowing, a wild ride. Love is the most sought after feeling in the world – above power, happiness and success. For many, they expect and or wish upon a star that something so treasured, so valuable will just land in their lap. But, like all great things, love gains value through being hard won. So instead of just waiting to stumble upon great love, remember that love can be sought, which not only increases your chances of getting it, but the experiences you have and the learnings you will acquire along your journey towards it, will make you more prepared for it's great responsibility once you finally do meet love head on.

Still not sold? OK… unless you think you might fall for your pizza delivery guy, here are three more reasons you shouldn’t wait for love to come a knockin’ and instead, go out and man shop (i.e. flirt, hit on a guy, pick up a man) this weekend:

  1. You can improve your flirting game. Whereas some people are natural flirts, anyone can become a master flirter. All it takes is learning a few key moves and then stirring in your own personality to create your own brand of flirt. However only by putting your moves to the test can you know if they work and then refine them if needed.
  2. You’ll score at least one free drink. Hey economic times are tough and for every $10 you save on your alcohol line item, that is $10 added to your mani/pedi line item. Your budget will thank you.
  3. On Monday, when someone asks how your weekend was your response could be, “Made out with the hottest guy ever” as opposed to “Caught up on America’s Next Top Model… and subsequently started a new starvation diet.”

And if that’s not enough, do it for me. I always love hearing your falling in like, in love and into bed stories! Email them to me at .

Live and love largely,