Love on the Racks


I simply relish a day of thrifting. You head out with eyes wide open, not knowing what you will find out there in the abyss of stores, flea markets or garage sales. With optimism in your heart you rummage with care through scads of items each with a unique story, looking for something that suits you just perfectly – that you simply cannot live without. You encounter all sorts of things – things that make you laugh (aquamarine taffeta prom dress straight from a John Hughes movie), things that confuse you (red leather chaps), things that remind you of a fond time in your life (old rollerskates) and so on. And when you find that something so rare and so wonderful, something you didn’t even know you were looking for, you experience total delight. And sometimes you don’t even know its true value until later when you discover how essential it becomes to your life.

What makes thrifting so much fun is what is supposed to make dating so much fun – the thrill of the hunt and the possibility of finding something truly great without the need to (unlike mall shopping where you hurriedly and desperately buy something generic because you have to check it off your list). Mining through a bunch of unworthy guys to get to the gems, helps you identify what you are looking for, plus it makes you appreciate them all the much more when you do uncover them. So instead of approaching dating with a desperate “Where is “he”?” attitude, consider everything out there, try on a curious sample and think of dating as a thrifting adventure that takes patience and a positive attitude to uncover something truly special and worthwhile… because you never know on which rack you might find love.

xx, Tristan