For the Love of Dating

For the Love of Dating

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3. Bad dates. That’s right, when I was dating, since I took a “just say yes” approach I never really knew what I was going to get (but seriously, when do you?!) and sometimes my date when really awry leading to hilarious tales to tell with my girlfriends over Sunday mimosa brunch.

2. Great dates. You close the door behind you and finally exhale, falling to the floor in that romantic comedy move where you are in a sort of dazed but blissful state. Admit it – you have it every time you have a really fabulous date – the kind that makes you believe in falling in like/love again… the kind that has you not caring about the stupid rules and just wanting to go for it!

1. New adventures. Whether it is a new restaurant, new bar, new type of guy, activity never tried, or sexual position finally dared, dating is filled with all sorts of fun new opportunities… the more open-minded you are, the more fun it is.

And of course… let us not forget that dating is what leads us to finding our life partner. You never know who the one before “the one” is going to be but what you can be sure of is that if you aren’t out there, you’ll never get there. Here’s to a fabulous season of dating… to sprinkling your dating seeds far and wide, and to perhaps one of them blossoming into bright, beautiful like or love.

Live and love largely,