How to Change Your Man

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But you are saying to yourself, he’d be better off if he x, y, z’d… and we’d be better off for the change to! Of course he would and you guys would too and that is why you need to speak up. It’s important, critical in fact to get your needs met in a relationship and if you are not it is up to you, and you alone to voice them. You get what you accept in a relationship. Period. In fact, a good test to see if you love yourself is to get honest about what you need and unapologetically ask for it. And although you can’t demand that a man change…


The good news is that if a quality is changeable (meaning something other than height) you CAN inspire him to change. You can plant the seed of change. You can present the idea of an alternative behavior to him and encourage him to manifest it into change. If he trusts in your word and believes that you have his best interest at heart, not just your own, success will more likely be achieved… and you are right, he and you as a partnership will be better off (or perhaps rather on) for it.


For example, let’s say you believe your man would be “perfect” if he was more complimentary. Here’s how you can inspire that change in him:


1) Think about what he does right. Make a list of the things he does that you love. By doing so you will be in a love mindset so that you enter the conversation in a positive place.