Getting Through the Ho-Ho-Holiday Heartbreak

Getting Through the Ho-Ho-Holiday Heartbreak

5 ways to ensure holiday cheer.

The holidays can bring out the boo-hoo-blues for many people – especially those who are newly single. Between family events and holiday parties, it seems everyone is coupled up and jolly but you. Here are some sure-fire ways to get through the holidays, and maybe even experience a little holiday cheer!


Red Hot Road Trip
Getting out of dodge for the holidays is sometimes a great remedy for the blues. Grab you best girlfriends and ride that sexy sleigh of yours out of town. Short trips like these are known to refresh and reposition your perspective on life. Whether you want to go and relax at a spa, or party it up in a hot city – the journey is yours for the taking!

Present Yourself With A Present!
This year, you have one less present to get for Mr. You Know Who – and one more present to give to yourself. That’s right, take that cash that you would spend on him and put it toward buying something amazing for yourself! Self-gifting is one of the best things about the holidays – so start making your list and checking it twice!

Holiday Appreciation Cards
Holiday cards are great but hardly personable and heart warming. You can change that! In your cards, write why your recipient rocks your world and all the amazing things that they bring to your life. Guaranteed, this card will be their favorite gift of the year!

Vision Board the Year Ahead
Craft your new single gal life in the year ahead by creating a collage comprised of your fabulous 2011 desires. Through words and pictures, you can manifest a magnificent new year! Whether you focus on the relationship you want and deserve or the career you’re working toward – this is your life to create!

Give Back
We can easily focus on what we lack in our own lives – until we see that there are those who are much less fortunate. Why not turn your attention to those in need this holiday season? Go and visit the elderly in nursing homes, or help serve the homeless. Not only will you feel you’ve made a difference in someone else’s life, but you will see how blessed your life truly is.

Throw a New Year, New You Party!
Instead of wallowing in the fact that you are plan-less for New Year’s Eve, throw your own party celebrating the new year, fabulously single! Plan a pot luck gathering in your home and have each person bring a new friend to share the holiday spirit!

Create a new holiday tradition
Make this the year where you instill something with your signature on it. Whether that’s baking cookies for your neighbors/co workers, putting together/joining a caroling group, or doing Cris Cringle with your friends – it’s time to create and implement an everlasting tradition that belongs to you.

Move and Be Merry
It’s been proven that the more we get our body moving, the better we feel about ourselves and the life we’re living. So try out a new exercise class (pole dancing, anyone?), buy a bike and take to the streets, get yourself a new yoga mat and Namaste your way to a new and improved you!


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