Dating is Elementary: The ABCs of Dating

Dating is Elementary: The ABCs of Dating

Dating is Elementary: The ABC's of Dating


To become an ace student of dating, it is all about putting what you learn into action. Burying yourself in textbooks and lessons can only take you so far so here is a cliff notes, crash course in dating designed to give you insta-success this weekend out in the dating playground. Don't worry about failing - there is no such thing - it is all about risking error to learn from the trial. So study your ABCs and have fun in the field! I look forward to hearing about what you learn!


A is for Acting like who you think a guy wants you to be always backfires. Think of this like wearing a padded bra. Eventually the padded bra is going to come off revealing the real flat-chested you and the real dissappointed him. So instead of chameleoning yourself into what you think he wants, play yourself instead – you get an academy award for that role every time.

B is for Believing in love which instantly makes you more lovable. When you have faith that someday you will fall into true love, that feeling shines through every ounce of your being and projects out into the world. You become a magnetic ball of loveable energy that is irresistible to men.

C is for Cupid strikes those open for business. Cupid isn’t an equal opportunity shooter. He seeks those open to the idea of dating – meaning if you stay cooped up in your apartment reading old issues of UsWeekly on Friday nights, stay buried in your iPod in cafes to avoid having strangers talk to you, or are convinced all the good guys are taken or are gay - you will never got shot by love’s arrow.