Dare to Love!


What to do the day after Valentine's Day...

The day after Valentine’s Day always strikes me as such a wonderful opportunity. Not only can you score the cutest love inspiring trinkets for half-price (you know that’s what I’ll be doing today!) but it serves as an occasion to take stock of how loves serves or doesn’t serve you… and what you can do about it.

For some of you, yesterday may have brought a day full of surprises and joy from friends, romantic partners, kids or coworkers. You may have elated in the love that you have in your life and for your life. For others, it may have been a reminder of the lack of love in your life. You may have spent it fixated on what is missing instead of what is present or what can be created. No matter what end of the spectrum you fell on, love can have more meaning in your life. It can serve you better.

I challenge you to allow today to mark the first day you dare to love fully and completely. This means breathing in the multi-dimensional possibility and effect that love can offer you. This means becoming an active participant in your love future. This means trusting that by bringing more love into your life, more love will come.

Begin by celebrating all of your loves… past, present and future today. Know that the loves of your yesterday have been your teachers, helping you become who you are today. They are literally a part of the beautifully, intricately woven fabric of your being. They have challenged you, they have tested your limits, your strength, your emotional tenacity… and guess what?! You are still here! Not broken, but awakened by your experiences… your heart is still beating, still pumping life and love through you… in even more powerful, more enlightened ways. So take this moment to acknowledge them, to toast them for coming into your life and for helping shape you for the better and for exiting when their work was done.

Know that all of the loves of your present are shaping you RIGHT NOW. Every moment you inhale their love, and exhale a like exchange, you become enriched. Recognize these loves, appreciate them. Nourish them! Don’t squeeze onto these loves too tightly out of fear that they may disappear. Allow them to breathe, to work their natural magic. Trust that they are serving their divine purpose in the time and way that they need to.

And finally, accept that there will be many more great loves in your life. Loves of all kind – romantic, professional, friendship, family, pet, hobby love and more! Get charged by the notion that falling in love over and over and over again is natural and every time we do, every time we get sparked by love or taken to higher heights by deepening love, we become more bountiful within. Look forward to evolving because of the remarkable forces that you… choose… to let in. Push aside your resistors and greet the potential of love into your life, in its many forms so that you can rise up to your healthiest self and contribute to a more loving world. Say “YES” to what might come!

To me, love is about SHOWING UP. It is about showing up 100% for yourself, 100% for your friends, your partner, your colleagues, your interests, your traditions and all the other loves in your life. It is about being open to the lessons that love has to teach us and trusting that we need those lessons for now and for later. After all, as Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The giving of love is an education in itself.”

Live and love largely,