The Boys of Summer Challenge

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10) Who: Formerly Forbidden … An ex-coworker, ex-teacher, ex-boss

Why: Life is short and whoever used to be red-lighted in your love life and doesn’t have to be anymore, should be explored to see if the appeal lied in the fact it was forbidden or if it was indeed genuine attraction.


11) Who: Mr. Mom… A divorced dad

Why: Because you said you never would and summer is the ideal time to break your own rules. The divorced dad will show you a new level of maturity in a man, force you to start thinking about a grown-up life, but still guarantee you plenty of freedom every other weekend.


12) Who: The Exception… A guy who would have all your friends jaw-dropped

Why: No matter the reason (he’s a barista; you only do bankers, he’s short; you only do tall), dating a guy that goes against policy is good for you. He’ll either break your once concrete barriers or confirm why you put them up in the first place.


Live... and swim in the sea of summer lovin' largely,