The Boys of Summer Challenge

No season is more prime for taste-testing than summer! With the sun blazing, kicking all of our libidos up a notch, clothing often optional and alcohol flowing in a bit more abundance, summer is just built for experimentation, adventure and story-telling... not to mention the longer days offer up more time for uninhibited fun... so you might as well take advantage of it!


In your beach bag this summer, along with your favorite trashy novel, your sunblock and your perfectly curated iPod, include the following mandidate checklist… THE ultimate dozen guys to date for a sizzlin’ summer of fun... and enlightenment too. With 12 weeks of summer and 12 guys, that's one per week. Who's up for the challenge? I guarantee you won't be disappointed!



1) Who: Boy Wonderin’… A friend of a friend you’ve had your eye on for too long

Why: A history book filled with “what-ifs” is a sad story, so this summer, ask your friend to hook you up with a long-time crush so you can uncover if there is more there than what’s been meeting your eye.


2) Who: Friend Fave…