Big-Screen Kissing Secrets Revealed!

Spidey and Mary Louise, Scarlett and Rhett, Wall-E and Eve… what do they all have in common? They are lip-locked lovers whose kisses are not only indelibly marked in the memories and hearts of movie-goers for all time… but have also been textbook how to-kisses for those of us dutiful pupils paying close attention. Their kisses contain the elements needed to get the heart pumping and the knees weak. But if you were out getting a popcorn refill or indulging in your own kissing session during these classic movie makeout scenes instead of making mental notes, you’re in luck, because I‘ve dissected a collection of the greatest on-screen kisses to uncover what makes them so steamy and in turn what can make yours equally hot. So pay attention now, and you will be on your way to your own Oscar winning kiss… and we all know that a great first base move has the potential to leading to so much more.

Does the perfect kiss include indefinable passion, charming or dirty or vulnerable dialogue, heated buildup, an aphrodisiac inducing setting, emotional connections and romantic elements? Is it slow, soft, sincere or an intense, assertive take-me-now approach? Is the heat meter higher if it is highly anticipated, completely unexpected or totally forbidden?

Well, it turns out, the big-screen winning kiss can have elements of all of the above ingredients. It is a combination of many of these things that gets our heart pumping and our knees weak when immersed in that magically perfect kiss where time seems to stand still and a full room can feel empty. But since most of us can’t hire a crew to cue music or rain, write scripted sweet nothings to be whispered or have the luxury of multiple takes to get it right, try employing these techniques instead to become an Oscar winning lip-locker.

1) Don’t think of a kiss as first base; think of it as the home run. A kisser who approaches a kiss as a means to a sex end isn’t taking the time to appreciate and indulge in the moment. A kiss is the window to all else so if ever there was a time to take your time and get it right, it is with the kiss so slow down, relax and take your time.

2) Read your audience. As important as it is to get lost in the moment and go with what feels right, pay attention to your kissee and react to how he is responding. His moves will tell you what is liked/not liked.

3) Have a kissable mouth and go easy on the hair product. Chapped lips and/or bad breath is the fast way to strike out so skip the garlicky dishes at din-din and always have your fave flavor of lip balm and a pack of powerful mints in your purse. Also hair playing while kissing is extremely sensual. Stroking your fingers through his hair can really ignite a spark… but remember when doing your own hair, it won't be enjoyable for him if his fingers get caught in sticky product so lighten up on styling goop.

4) Focus on his lips, more so than his tongue. Tonsil hockey is for junior high rookie kissers. Movie star kissers lick, nibble and really nurture lips – they are filled with nerves so enjoy the sensations.

5) Allow your hands to wander while you kiss. Whether it is stroking his hair, gently touching his face, grabbing his neck, massaging his back, or tugging at his clothes, these motions all increase the heat on other parts of your kissee’s body.

6) Go for the AAAs: anticipation, anxiety and animalistic desire. By kissing in places other than the expected lips such as neck, cheeks, nose, forehead, shoulders (I’ll leave the rest up to you imagination), you will create an undeniable dose of anticipation in your kissee. He will be anxiously wondering if and when you will finally land your sweet kisser on his waiting and watering mouth, creating the ultimate in animal desire.

7) Share, don’t own the kiss. Kissing is a rhythmic dance that requires partnership not a lead. Sometimes you should “be in charge” sometimes he should be.

8) Avoid kissing monotony. The best kisses blend more intense, passion-filled aggressive moments with sweeter, slower, milder ones. Remember, kisses are a preview of other skills and if your kissing abilities are ho-hum, your kissee may not be so excited to explore what else is on your menu.

9) Think of some of the best kissing scenes of all time (see below) and use them for inspiration as you slip into your own kiss. They will transport you to that rain soaked setting and instantly make you feel more sensual and help you try things you may not have been so willing to before. Every girl has a little Scarlett (Gone with the Wind) or Bella (Twilight) in them waiting to be unleashed.

10) And finally, elongate the end of a kiss. Stay in the moment for a moment afterwards by either keeping your eyes closed for a second with a smile on your face or adding an extra peck at the end – both are indicators that you dig the kiss and you want more.

For additional inspiration and for up-close video tutorials, check out these steamy kisses from some of Hollywood’s all-time hottest on-screen couples:

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