Becoming Your Own Love Advocate!

Want to know the real secret to dating and healthy love success? It’s actually simple. It lies in doing ONE thing… ONE thing, really really REALLY well. What’s that thing? I’ll tell you.

Dating and healthy love success relies on you becoming your own biggest dating and healthy love advocate. That’s right, YOU and only you are in charge of your love destiny. Sure, you can, and certainly should have a cheering squad of supporters in your corner wanting good things for you and helping to guide you, but YOU are the queen of your love castle, the master of your love fortune. So, it is up to YOU to rally on your behalf. After all, if you aren’t campaigning for you, why should anyone vote for you?!

So this begs the question, HOW do you become your own biggest dating and healthy love advocate? It’s simpler than you think. Follow these five steps and you will have a candidacy you will be undeniably proud of and one definitely worth voting for!

1. Believe in LOVE! It’s the basic law of attraction. Like attracts like; love attracts love. Start soaking up the love you see all around you and get inspired by it. Dream of good love in your life. Become a student of love. Get inspired by it. Imagine the possibilities. By doing so you will start to believe in love for you and in turn you will become more lovable and the law of attraction will work for you.

2. Stick to your positions. As I always say, DATING IS LOVE’S GREATEST TEACHER, so use your past experiences to create what it is you want in your future. Get crystal clear on what healthy love and partnership means for YOU… and stick to those boundaries. Don’t create excuses, “what ifs” or shoulds because you want the idea of love. Hold out for THE actual love that you know you need.

3. Let people know that you are running for a love seat. To all of those people who are just as perplexed as you are that you don’t have great love in your life, sign them up as campaign managers – ralliers for you. Let them know that you are open for business! Tell them what you are looking for in love and trust them to help bring you to that place. Be respectfully assertive in what works for you and what doesn’t with what they present to you.

4. Invest in your marketing. Like any smart advocate, you need to create a solid promotion for yourself based on authenticity and intention. Know who you are and what you want when you go out into the dating marketplace…. And don’t be afraid to go get it! Treat yourself to a little pampering, new date outfits (or trade with friends!), get curious about meeting new people in new places and open up with your body language. Play to win.

5. Vote for yourself! Have confidence in YOU! Built it up by shining the light on what you love about you – those things that make you uniquely you. Dance in those wonderful attributes instead of shying away from them – NO matter how quirky they may be. Celebrate you every moment you get – the more you do, the more that inner love will project outwards to the world of potential men.

That’s all there is to it! Five easy steps to becoming your very own dating and healthy love advocate. Imagine the possibilities once you achieve that status?! Now… go make it happen!

Live and love largely,