5 Ways to Be Happily Single in the New Year

Calling all the single ladies!

I have spoken to many of you in the past couple of weeks. It’s been a tough time for most of you. And believe me, I get it. I spent many a holiday on my own, wishing I had someone super duper special to exchange gifts with, to smooch under mistletoe, to carry me home on New Year’s Eve once my stilettos gave out. But I didn’t always.

And for that, I am thankful. I got a chance to prove to myself - my own single girl worth.

And you know what? Every one of those lonely heart holidays, I made it! I survived. Instead of settling for some ok guy just to have and to hold for the night or the season, I waited. The wait felt long but undoubtedly it was worthwhile.

So if this sounds like you… maybe you are ecstatic that the holidays are over but are beginning to dread V-Day 6 weeks away, these tips are for YOU! These tips will help keep you happily single in 2012 until you do meet someone worth spending the holidays with… and I mean REALLY worth it.

1. Count your single girl blessings! Dance in the fact that you can have a fuscia painted room with zebra striped pillows and not have to negotiate it with anyone.

2. Focus on the possibilities! It feels good to dream, so do it! This time next year you could be snuggling up next to a special guy, planning a fabulous vacation with a fiance or donating your time to a worthy cause alongside someone wonderful. One thing you can know for sure, if you play your single time right, is that you won’t be with Mr. Wrong.

3. Open your mind to open your heart. Dating happiness largely exists in being open. So now is a great time to revise your online dating profile. Does Mr. Right REALLY need to be over 6’3″? Does he really need to be bilingual or have gone to an ivy? Spend some time really rethinking why you have selected the criteria you have and strongly consider revising. The more options you have, the more chances at love you have!

4. Use this time to find your groove! Use this time to work on you. Learn about your personal ins and outs – those things that make you uniquely you. Own them… rock them… dance in them! Embrace your best parts, learn to love your less good parts and work on the really unsavory stuff. Get to know you – as you do, you will find that happiness pulsates through your every bone. Bonus: high-quality men like women who know who they are and what they need.

5. Above all else, don’t lose your sparkle! Sparkle is what attracts people to you. Sparkle is what casts an aura of awesome around you in a crowded bar. Sparkle is what lights up excitement in another, drawing him near. Sparkle is your inner magnetic energy and all you have to do, is turn it on… and soak up the goodness that is returned!


BIG love and light in 2012,

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