30 Speed Dating Dos And Don'ts

couple on a date


1. Breathe and be relaxed.
2. Listen and engage rather than spending the entire time in your head wondering if this is your future husband.
3. Smile with your mouth open to show off your pearly whites. Use humor to keep the mood playful and elicit laughter.
4. Touch him lightly on the arm or leg if appropriate.
5. Play with your hair in a flirtatious way.
6. Dress classy and sassy without showing too much skin. Neck or shoulders is sexy.
7. Keep it upbeat and positive!
8. Play up your best personality asset.
9. Remain open-minded.
10. Be kind to other women, and to the service people. Mind your pleases and thank yous!
11. Pay him compliments! Guys love compliments, too.
12. Mirror his body language. Follow the physical cues of the other person. If he is leaning in, you lean in. Leaning back? You lean back. This creates a comfortable dynamic.
13. Use confident, open body language, ie. sit up straight (no slouching or arm-crossing).
14. Wear RED! Studies show men respond to this color. If red's not your thing, wear another bright and vibrant color. Also, be sure to wear something that flatters your best physical feature. How To Wear The Color Men Love The Most
15. Ask questions. Show genuine curiosity. Be interested. 

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