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I believe that deep within lies it all. The silent pause between each breath can begin that journey.

About Tricia LaBella

I’m a Wellbeing Life Coach, Fitness and Positive Psychology Educator, Speaker and Author from Adelaide, South Australia.

Recently, my husband and I sold up our family home and made the sea change! We now live close to one of the world’s most precious beaches; Maslins.

For so long in my life I was in the talk of ‘I’m going to...’ The reality is that I would still be ‘going to’ if I wasn’t taken off the ‘roller coaster’ in 2006 when diagnosed with Bowel Cancer aged 44.

At that time, I was in the peak of my career and about to head off to Europe for a holiday to reconnect with my husband after many years of a heavy workload and rearing our 2 children.

The diagnosis 2 weeks before leaving meant it was surgery instead.

And like many of us who experience adversity that diagnosis brought an unexpected life shift beyond what I ever thought was possible.

It was the start of a journey to what I can honestly say was personal healing and transformation.

My mind’s aperture was opening to many things I had once underestimated; meditation, Chinese Medicine, nature, natural therapies, the beauty of simplicity and stillness, kindness and joy.

And with that I began to discover what it felt to really ‘live’. 

I learnt how to be in my life rather than be a disconnected spectator who was very busy and involved but feeling isolated, unfulfilled and just going through the motions. 

It led to my work as a Life Coach and communicator and the positive impact of helping others is amazingly rewarding.

I’ve discovered the simple things that can have a profound effect on healing, growing and transforming.

Through heartfelt listening, kindness and compassion to name a few, the gateway to ‘knowing myself’ better opened up and led me to find what truly mattered during that very rocky time.  

‘Knowing the self’ has become the basis of the coaching, activities, inspirations and online self directed engagement I bring.

I believe it is so important that you create the way to align with your unique self; the way that feels right, uses ALL aspects of you, is sustainable and grows true love, care and appreciation of YOU.

How often have you found yourself saying ‘those things don’t work for me?’

Exercise programs you’ve attempted, medicines to reduce anxiety, improve sleep or relieve body aches or illness or things to engage to improve relationships...

How often have you entered the roller coaster choosing what you can’t keep up with and feeling more overwhelmed? What’s worse, you become hard on yourself for failing?

I believe that knowing yourself better can stop you from stepping on to the rollercoaster ride to begin with.

Knowing myself proved helpful when I made the decision to take time off work and be by my husband’s side through treatment for his Stage 4 NHL diagnosis.

While challenging, I had time for myself and that helped me to cope better.  

The day before Steve (my husband) was officially in remission our first grandson was born! That time felt euphoric!

Appreciating the wonder, the magic is something I can do so much better now – and it changes how I feel about my day, my life.

And that’s what I’m excited to share with you... You too have the power to feel your life differently. 

When you listen closely to the soft voice of the body, mind and spirit that’s waiting to be heard, clues and amazing insights emerge.  

 Through my blogs, activities, quotes and messages you’ll see examples of how the simple everyday day events and what you tune into, what you see, hear, feel and respond to can help illuminate your inner knowing and guide you with best choices in the things you stress over.   

‘Deep within lies it all. The silent pause between each breath can begin that journey.’

 I’d love to hear from you and walk beside you as you discover more about your amazing self and life.   

So connect with me here, join in and enjoy Real Time updates and inspirations.

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