How To Stop Blame From Ruining Your Relationship

Love, Heartbreak

Avoid one of the number one reasons couples split.

Blame is a relationship killer. By blaming those around us for our missteps or screw ups, we hurt our loved ones emotionally and physically by increasing stress and disconnect. When we blame we shift our own painful feelings onto a someone else, temporarily soothing our own hurt, yet causing more for others.

Next time you feel the urge to side step responsibility, listen to your own emotional truth. What would happen if you admitted to being wrong, messing up or doing something wrong? Do feelings of shame shut you down? If you protect yourself from feeling the pain and shame of messing up, you probably will make the same mistake again. We learn from feeling our own pain and taking responsibility for our screw ups. Being attuned to your own physical discomfort will keep you from doing the same thing again. By blaming others, we hurt those around us, and we will keep making the same mistake again and again.

Next time you want to blame your partner, slow down. Have compassion for your own pain and shame; take responsibility and express your apology, and everyone wins!