The Self-Love Sisterhood: Part Two

The Self-Love Sisterhood: Part Two

Find out how vulnerability led to the breakthrough inspiration for the Self-Love Sisterhood.

So, what is self love, anyway, and why did I choose it to be the focus of the group I recently started called "The Self-Love Sisterhood"?

In The Self-Love Sisterhood: Part One, the story began in March, 2013 upon my return from a Meditation Retreat in Puerto Vallarta. However, in order to fully answer this question I will have to back up a bit. In my article "Take a Breath and Fall In" (March 22, 2013) I share my recent breakthrough experience. It came on the heels of a series of events that helped me to realize how I had been perpetuating certain unhealthy patterns in my life. It caused me to re-evaluate my beliefs (yet again) and brought into perspective my over-identification with certain traits and behaviors that I had thought, until then, made me a good person. I had no idea that I had laid a trap for myself by not allowing myself to be vulnerable, flawed or to have limitations. I kept feeling I had to live up to an impossible standard of fixing everything, being capable, strong, compassionate, kind, needing to understand and be of service at all times. When my human-ness peeked through, I felt overwhelmed, inadequate and worthless. The worst part was that I knew that the only one who could do anything about it was me, and I had to become fully accountable for what I was manifesting.

I cannot lie, it was an excruciating experience to come face-to-face with all the things I have been avoiding about myself for over 50 years. It pushed me way past my comfort zone and challenged me to embrace things that I'd rather forget or reject. But, as I expressed in my earlier article, it was the only way I could have found the treasure at the bottom of the ocean. In fact, the relief was so great that I could not think of the process in any other way but as a supreme act of self love.

So, that's how self love became the focus for my life and for the group. I realized that as I learn to fully love and accept myself and make practicing acts of self love my priority, I am simultaneously creating/attracting the life and relationships I want and deserve. Self love is the seed we must all plant, feed and nurture in order for everything else in the universe to grow and evolve. You might say I have become a bit of a self loving evangelist.

In my next article, I'll get more specific about what self love is and some of the common misconceptions we have about it.

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