The Self-Love Sisterhood: Part Three

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"Self Love Sisterhood" Part three talks about what Self-Love is and how to put it into practice.

It's the final part of the three-part series and I'd like to delve into more specifics about what Self-Love is and how The Self-Love Sisterhood puts it into practice.

At our first meeting, I supplied the girls with a "handbook" full of all kinds of ideas that I felt should become the tenets of our organization. But first, I wanted to make it clear that my involvement in the group was not only that of facilitator and mentor but also as an actual participant. This distinction is important because, in order for me to help the group members on their own journeys I had to model transparency and vulnerability myself. So we were going on this journey together. If you think that’s easy, let me tell you, it's not.

Managing the fine balance between my roles as therapist, mentor, student and friend is one of the most challenging experiences of my life. I often ask myself what I was thinking when I got myself into this. But thankfully, I am surrounded by 6 incredibly courageous supportive women who are "ready" to do this work and whatever challenges I may be facing. I am reminded that we are all in this together, that vulnerability, and the connection it leads to works both ways. As I said in Part Two of this series, one of the things I needed to learn is that, no matter what the situation or expectation, I am "enough," just as I am.

People always say, "if you really want to learn how to do something, teach it," which is the truest statement especially in regards to self-love. Sometimes just "showing up" feels like it will take everything I have. So I step back and ask myself who I want to be, what I want to teach, and most importantly, "what is the act of self-love in this situation?" I discovered the true key to self-love and learning about oneself is quite simple all you have to do is show up and practice.

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