Precious Gems


Are you struggling with your next move. Don't see challenges as a step back, but a move forward!

I was talking to a friend about what we do when we find ourselves unfulfilled as we go through our lives.  Sometimes even when we have set goals, followed a path to our dreams and seen them actualized we still feel unfulfilled.  We dream of how life will be bigger, better, happier, richer, more alive once we reach our goals.  Very often we find that once we have mastered the challenge there is a void in our lives. 

Another friend of mine is searching her soul to find out what her life’s purpose might be.  She is working in a job that is literally making her sick and she knows that she must do something new.  At the moment that “new” thing hasn’t made itself clear, but there is definitely a void in her life as well.  It breaks my heart to see her struggle with identifying and living her passion.  Are these moments in our lives really voids or are they space in which we are destined to try something different and become something new?

I believe that this is a time where we are vulnerable but open to new thoughts, experiences and challenges!  We become so uncomfortable with the way that we are living our lives that we have no choice but to look deeper and identify why we are restless, even unhappy.    Henry Kissinger said “A diamond is a chunk of coal that is made good under pressure.”   We activate the human traits within that move us on to the next level.  The same human traits that transform ordinary lives into extraordinary lives are the ones that if we are not careful will cause us to give up, to throw in the towel or to label ourselves unworthy.  It is all based on how we see our challenges.  

For all of us struggling with filling voids, making the old new and transforming coal to diamonds, we must remember that the spirit of fear must be conquered.  We must remember that when we believe in ourselves the power of achievement is limitless; our minds can’t even comprehend the full potential of the spirit.

We are all diamonds in the rough, open your heart and mind letting in all the possibilities anew.  Remembering that the power of the diamond is not in what it ends up being but in how it withstands the pressure, and pain of the transformation to become a beautiful gem!

Authentically Yours,


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