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Dreaming Big!


Dreams aren't just for kids, we can live our best life by revisiting our childhood desires...

Can you remember the things that you used to dream about as a child?  Can you close your eyes and visualize the things you spent your childhood thinking about, exploring and daydreaming of?  I can! When I close my eyes I vividly see me as a young girl in my bedroom listening to the Jackson 5 on my grandmother’s old stereo and dreaming about being Randy Jackson’s wife the architect/interior designer (Michael Jackson's little brother...Not American Idols Randy Jackson!)  

I remember having these dreams and actually visualizing becoming an architect, of building beautiful structures, of designing stylish and classy rooms.  I would spend hours in my room…focused on me and what I would do, and how I would do it.  It was a time when my dream was validated simply because I had the paper and the vision.  The paper represented the foundations and the vision full and robust without the influence or constructs of the real world.  At that time I didn’t know that an architect needed to be good at math, or measuring feet and inches.  Honestly I didn’t know what it took to be an architect.   I just knew I enjoyed preparing space and filling them with pretty pictures of furniture from my mother’s magazines!

I got re-acquainted with this dream recently while on a campus tour with my daughter at a local art school.  I was so absorbed by the drawings and the colors and the dreams of the young Tracey came flooding back to me.  I was excited but I also felt a bit sad.  What happened to my dream?  I was saddened by the thoughts of what I missed.  Could I have succeeded? Did I miss my calling? Could I have made beautiful things?!?!  And what was worse was that for a moment I began to question everything that had happened in my life since that time! 

That 9 year old Tracey had so much possibility and could have been anything she wanted to be – how do I compare, did I let her down?   I was struck by those feelings and I had to take a step back and recognize that I didn’t  re-experience these feelings in order to bash and undermine myself!  Doing that served no purpose and distracted me from all the wonderful things I am doing today. 

Today I know I traveled down that road to remind myself of something even more powerful!  I experienced that space so that I could activate the big bold beautiful dreams that reside within me today!  How powerful is that?  Mighty powerful for me – that experience reminds me that I am charged with dreaming as big and as beautifully as I can imagine.  The same way I channeled faith, happiness and will to dream as a 9 year old is the way I am suppose to dream today.  No dream is too big! 

There are many reasons today why I didn’t become an architect of buildings or a designer of beautiful pieces.  On the surface it might look like I didn’t have the skills or the desire, but I believe the real reason is that I was not suppose to do that!  I am suppose to help build and mold people into the people they are suppose to be, bringing out the beauty that resides in the heart of a broken woman or a distraught man.  Helping couples remember what love looks like & reminding them each that love is possible, probably and by right a GOD given gift!

So take a moment to think about your childhood dreams and go back there…dream again!  Life and your happiness depend on it.

Authentically Yours,



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