5 Steps To Help You Transition Like You Own It


We are always transitioning from one thing or another. Why not own that process of transition...?

Its always the case, life happens and all of sudden we are transitioning from something...again.  Here are 5 things to remember as you move through transitions:

1) You are not alone in this transition process.  Ask yourself:

  • Who are those in your support network? (Family, Friends, etc.)
  • What can you do to put yourself 'out there'? (Activity groups, Sports/Fitness, Classes)

2) Envision what you want to become from what you learned. Reflect on:

  • When I am happy, what creates that in me?
  • How can I grow from this experience? 
  • What are three postive emotions/actions that this transition can bring?
  • Who do I want to be after I grow through this?

3) So this happened...Now what? Moving from middle ground numbness:

  • What am I passionate about?  How can my passions connect me to the next step?
  • Who or what (without any limitations) do I want to be next for me?
  • Create a plan - List three things you will do in the next two weeks to move forward.  (Write an affirming letter to my past self, start a gratitude journal, workout once a week with a friend).

4) Move from numb to awesome. Create a detailed list of goals.

  • List out 2 to 10 goals that are reachable in the next three months pertaining to what's next for you.
  • Act on those goals each day in some small way and tell your support system about those steps.  They can be your accountability partners.

5) Remember - change is normal, evolving and is part of our lives - Embrace it don't fear it

  • Increase your support network - Support change for others
  • Share your growth
  • Express gratitude at every possible moment

Relationships, work, friendships, family...You name it - transition is part of the process - LIFE, LIVING and GROWING.  Your choice can be to love the process and look forward to the person you are becoming. Happy Transitioning!