Schedule Sex to Keep the Fire Burning in Your Marriage


Life is just too busy. You are running around constantly and yet you desire to be sexually intimate with your spouse on a regular basis. There is this sense of distance that you are getting from your spouse. Connecting sexually is one of the key ways to intertwine your lives together.

In addition to being connected sexually you want to have deep talks, long foreplay, and a bedroom that is only for you.

It’s time to get radical in your marriage and make a change!

You need to learn all about the Intimacy Lifestyle. That’s right, the Intimacy Lifestyle is about scheduling sex so you can connect in all areas of your marriage.

There are two possible option to the Intimacy Lifestyle. The two options most couples look at are having sex 2 times a week or 1 time per week.


Option 1. 2 times a week is spouse A initiates 1 of 3 days and spouse B initiates 1 of 3 days. Usually there is a rest day. In this scenario spouse A would have the opportunity to initiate on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday and spouse B would intitiate on either Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Sunday is an off day.

Option 2. If you are looking to have sex once per week then spouse A has the opportunity to initiate 1 of 7 days. Then spouse B would initiate the following week. This would go back and forth.

The Intimacy Lifestyle has changed the way that we view sex in our marriage, it has caused more equality in terms of initiating sex, and it has helped us to create fireworks that we never used to have.

It’s time for you to commit to your spouse and implement the Intimacy Lifestyle in your marriage.

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