3 Ways You Are Rejecting Your Spouse


As I sat on my bed, looking at my wife as she got ready for bed in the bathroom I was excited about the conversation we had had earlier in the day about having sex. I picked up my book and began to read as I waited for my beautiful wife Alisa to come to bed so that we could have some fun.

The minutes ticked by one after another. My eyes began to shut as my body relaxed for another night of sleep. When I woke up it was the next morning and the feeling of being rejected once again hit me.

You might not even know you are rejecting your spouse, but the sutle decisions you make are impacting your marriage and your sex life. It might even by that sex is like being asked if you want McDonald french fries or not

Does this happen in your marriage?

Reading a Book

That book you are reading is so amazing and the 5 others on your night stand are too. If you are reading and hoping your spouse falls asleep you are rejected them.

Before Bed Rituals

Drawing out what you need to do before you get to bed, similar to what Alisa has done in the past, conveys to your spouse that you are not interested in them.

Video Games

You had a long day, kids are in bed, and now it is time for you to relax. Problem is you are doing this every night and it's sending a signal to your spouse. 

These or others may be happening in your marriage. Become conscious of what you are doing that rejects your spouse so that you can overcome the ways you are rejecting your spouse so that you can have a happier marriage and sex life.