12 Days Of Christmas Gifts You'll Both Love

12 Days Of Christmas Gifts You'll Both Love [EXPERT]
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This year, get him something you'll both enjoy.

10. Utensil pot clips. 
Utensil pot clips will come in handy when the two of you are cooking in the kitchen. There is nothing more frustrating than when the two of you are cooking and the wooden spoon comes flying off the stove. This handy dandy clip will keep it where it needs to be so that they two of you can pay attention to other things. ; )

9. Naughty weekend lovers kit. 
The naughty weekend lovers kit is everything you need to get the flame roaring with your lover. No need to try and find everything separately. Grab this lovers kit and let your spouse know that you have the weekend handled.

8. Iso-Cool memory foam pillow. 
Sleep Better's Iso-Cool memory foam pillow is all about getting a great night of sleep. Who wouldn't be spunkier after a fantastic night of sleep. Get this for your spouse if you know they need a better night sleep. This pillow even warms up or cools down depending on your spouse's body temperature.

7. Salsa dancing. 
Salsa dance lessons are a way to get close to each other in a sensual way. We know this is out of many couples comfort zone to get out and go to a dance studio. This DVD will get you started so that you can learn the basic moves together before going to a studio.

6. Couple's massage. 
A couple's massage is a perfect way to unwind and relax beside your spouse. Having the time together in peace and quiet can do wonders for you mind, body and spirit. We've done these and enjoy the time as we prepare ourselves for more fun afterwards.

5. Date night ideas and getaways. 
Date night ideas and getaways can sometimes be tough to think up. We know our dates can get a little stale if we don't seek out new ideas. With 300 Creative Dates you and your spouse will have plenty of ideas to look over. The key here is that you actually take action and use them. Go have a great time on each date you have for years to come.

4. 7 Days of Sex Challenge & He Zigs, She Zags. 
7 Days of Sex Challenge & He Zigs, She Zags will take you through the process of having sex for seven days straight. It's much more than just jumping in bed each day to have sex. There is much more that goes into the challenge and the greater impact it will have on your marriage. Continue reading ...

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