Your Energy And Your Money

Your Energy and Your Money

Making money has to do with two processes. One is external; one is internal. The external process has to do with action. Most of us do not make money by sitting in our room. (Even lottery winners have to take a walk or drive to the liquor store!) We need to get out, make contacts, perform our job, pursue our career, go to school, etc.

All those verbs- get, make, perform, pursue and go are necessary for financial reward. The more over looked process is the internal process which has to do with laws of attraction. A central question for this process is, “How do I lift my energies to higher frequencies so that I can attract success?” Our psyches are comprised of a conscious and unconscious mind. Your unconscious is communicating to my unconscious mind, like radar. If my energy is high, you will want to be around me, do business with me, help me and allow me to help you. If it is low, you will be repelled by me possibly for reasons you are not even consciously aware of. Chances are you will do business with the next coach/consultant that does similar things that I do who has a higher energy.

What do I mean by “high” or “low” energy? Basically, you have high energy when you are in emotional states such as accepting, loving, joyful, kind, peaceful, enthusiastic, compassionate and courageous. You have low energy when you are in emotional states such as apathetic, sad, guilty, insecure, anxious, frustrated and angry. All these feelings, both high and low are normal, inevitable feelings that we experience being alive. Denying our “lower” feelings is not helpful and ultimately leads to other problems. Then, how can you lift your energies in this multifaceted, sometimes quite wonderful, sometimes quite painful life that you live?

When it comes to life’s pain, find a support system, whether it is a therapist, trusted friend, clergy or some other person(s) who can listen. The more our painful feelings can move, the more pleasant feelings can move in. (Think of the word emotion; its root meaning has to do with movement-motion, locomotive, motivation, etc are all derivatives having to do with movement).

Pay attention to what you can be grateful for. Gratitude is a very high energy.

Be willing to take on life as an adventure. This moves you right up to the energy state of courageousness. Risk intelligently and be open to success. Have fun with the process of becoming more prosperous.

Develop a thicker skin for “failure” and “rejection.” In reality, failure and rejection is just one way to look at a situation, and not the most creative way. Another way to look at it is- with every failure and rejection, you are that much closer to achieving your goal. Have fun getting rejected. It is no big deal!

Give of yourself in any way you can. Trust that it will come back to you.

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Jody- Below is an updated description of my work. Let me know if it is too long. It is very complete as is but let me know. Also, sorry about my lateness with this. It has been a little busy around here with my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah on the upcoming Saturday. Take care.

This article was originally published at Todd Creager Website. Reprinted with permission from the author.